Saturday, October 9, 2010

Her Fun Side Sketch Pencil Watercolors and Ink


Even so Her Fun Side has an morbid sense of humor it is just about  What  we can do with out looking at no one, yet Art should convey  reaction so I do my Part it is up to the viewer, I am not a criticists'? or anything else in particular I Paint! I Draw!  I love and Give back! and I Portray! a Servant to those who are doing the same  and hug all and view as equals.

At first I posted this vid in You Tube and then I felt a bit bad because the high content of obscenity in the music but those are not my words,  even so the words are blipped and  since I'm not only doing Art for my self but also for a bigger audience, I kinda shrunken my self , when I heard comments like What does it means?/ after a wile I have realized that no matter what  I do there's always going to be some,  that will like to say that the Cat has 5 legs instead of four.  please understand that just as music Art is a form of Freedom of expression and it does not always conveys the words..hard to explain but we are also entertainers, I can not apologize because this is a way of expressing the skill. 

I so happened to not only admired both Artists   Beyonce & Black Eyed Peas that by the way not only talented but  their ingenuity to entertain the masses' their hard work and dedication.

Just like a Nude in Art is different than just Naked .... or different between erotic or pornographic, Art

we are in the 21 st century and this is still something that bothers some, how people find certain things obscene, So perhaps next time I do a nude I might have to cover her with leaves just like Margie Simpson on that episode.... This is not conveying obscenity if you feel that this disrupts you please feel free to  go on.. and check other things I got in here...

Again don't hussshhhhh me because I am a women.... I love you too!!


“Her Fun Side” – MaryArtStudio


Black Eyed Peas - Imma Be Rocking That Body

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