Monday, October 4, 2010

New Painting Watercolors and Ink


Cosmic Watercolor Painting in 140lb Arques 16” by 16” 1/8 approximately
Painting background  is drying now since it has being raining for long periods of time over here, it has being each  layers and blow dry type of process, there’s  layers of blues but for this one changed the flow of it to the left, charging very deep violets and concentrated amounts of dark including ink.  Sumi-e ink is precisely perfect to work in layers because it actually can be added gradually  to let it rest and dry adding  more depth.

Different shapes where created by using the canvas some what like a swimming pool and Alcohol all around so the painting is done intuitively around the splashes of Alcohol, very carefully not to take on the flower petals,  then Alcohol was also applied to the center of the flower in very high key an concentrated amount of colors,  this produces an  acidic effect that worked well for the painting advantage. 
  The flower again  was toned down with a deep wash of cool colors, and then lift up with  mixtures of pinks and reds on the brush’ The process is somewhat difficult to explain because it is lightly lifting and  then applying there’s a scrub lift process in between, it does not leave the paper white since the painting was toned down prior to that process, yet leaving  some parts white purposely.

The Painting in Real Life looks very mysterious and the background deeps are more in to the purple split complimentary colors until the camera upgrade  smiles* I hope you can see at least a nice contrast Thanks for joining in This beautiful journal painting entry today.

On the easel? an nice landscape in Oils and finishing up Utley in Oils as well' and hopefully soon to be finish the Wine painting so stick around please'.

Looking forward to the next project! This has being a very interesting and exiting one!
Music for the background was made with Neon Trees Song titled: Animal   Enjoy!

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