Tuesday, October 5, 2010



Model is taking from a Reference Photograph  named Caroline, not my cup of tea! I have done her a couple of times,  practically had to change everything and that includes shadows and where highlights are, bad reference photo but we managed. I work with what I got, no matter what,  Don't  stop painting!. think of it as if you're life depends of it, that way you must do it. 

Changed her factions and eyes to the  right also lift up her shoulder in the photo she is looking up and her eyes are much bigger,  limited palette was used for this particular nude...with highlights one brush strokes as well.  This is all for now, the point is to do it, take the brush and do it! no matter how it comes out' uglyfuglys or prettywitties it is you're work, we must learn to embrace those, because from practice is the way we learn...I might come back 5 years from now and might laugh about it, but at least I know this step took me a little further and the next one...

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