Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nudes sketch Canson Paper 90Lb

 Pose Num 2 30 min


Canson came up with a new series of papers wind made that are not only economical but very well done,  for this two I just loaded and re use the back of the paper  this is definitely the way you know you got a good well done paper when you can use both sizes with out no problem. In this case is used for  quick studies and sketches.

Pose num 1 30 to  40 min  re arranged the hand twice and re did the face cut her hair etc..never satisfied

Done with what ever colors left  in the palette sometimes I don't know wish combos are in there, makes it look at.
This one is around 20" by 16" approximately more like for landscape  I also use odd sizes and rip off whatever I don't use and keep those as color swatches etc so everything is  re used.

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