Monday, February 16, 2015

New Art Prints and Watercolor Art on the way "Flowers and acrylic paintings. "

New Art prints and watercolor Art on the way... "Flowers and acrylic paintings"

Art print zoomed in ACEO 2.5 by 3.5" photo taken with cellphone camera.

Art print next to the original so you can see the difference in color and texture.

I am grateful to be able to do the prints of my original work, feel like everyone will be able to enjoy the work it self, instead of just one person acquiring one specific,  also feel that in case i want to do an art show it is essential to have instead the original. 

The artworks been waiting for me since December, it seems to get to Philadelphia i need to schedule my trips, which makes me a bit upset, my calendar is filled with appointments several of them during the week early hours, and after one appointment with the children it seems i become exhausted. My schedule seem to become tighter to the point of stretching out to the weekends. 

However, the time dedicated to my children is reaping out great results, and they are all doing excellent in school and other areas, so in a way, yes is difficult, but is worth it. That is one of the reasons to make the prints, and also made several in watercolors. Because the time to paint has been greatly reduced as well. 

Fear not, have to learn to be reasonable,  on my way to paint, at least one a day.

What have you done to paint or create? Comment below any links to encourage also those whom are following me as well.

Happy Paintings!

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