Friday, February 6, 2015

"Red Flowers" Passion for red flowers, my parrot tulips a Journey" Oil painting by Mary Vargas

"Red Flowers" Passion for red flowers, my parrot tulips a Journey" Oil painting by Mary Vargas

work in progress of the parrot tulip in red.

When spring gets here, what is the first thing that pops in to your mind? Trees in different colors, the new smell of flowers blooms, many beautiful things sprouting, delicious new veggies, fruits, we let go slowly of our coats,  we come out to the sun!  like we never seen light before. People are much more happier on this season as well,  and we live in a air conditioning setting that is to envy..or just my experience as a generalized parable...

For us painters is also our favorite time of the year, because we get to see and smell and Paint! all those colors, or those flowers, and  landscapes...we get to experience at first glance beauty, a new color, yep, i got it! mixed in to our palettes...ahhh' we say:  ~this is life and life it self, we work hard, all day! 

This painting however, was painted in the coldest month of the winter, December, with a photo as want,.. is spring! and is very pungent and colorful, looking at the painted canvas the other night, and said wow.. look at you, zoomed in to the flower,  wanted to convey a cozy, well round bulb of red, and all that pollen, ... good thing tho, this flower is allergy free.

When painting, yes you can do that, you can go as far as spring, and enjoy yourself in all those colors, and imagine all those flowers...

This, is the final result: colors are red, green, purple mixed in various whites, and darks burnts. The blue is my must favorite a mix of prussian blue..

List of materials used: Long bristles square, round, flats, 1,4,6 for the background a bit of ochre
also: I use several brands. Rembrandt, Gambling, Grumbacher and blick oils. using a sheet of canva cotton wrapped, usually steady with several clamps.

Here is a photo directly from my easel, side ways for better lighting and you can see the details.

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