Monday, February 9, 2015

Robin bird "Waiting for winter to cease" Watercolor pencil sketch and watercolor painting. New artwork by vargasartstudio.

Robin bird "Waiting for winter to cease" Watercolor pencil sketch and watercolor painting, New artwork by Vargasartudio.

Watercolor painting bird 9 inches by 12 inches

Special Thanks to photographer: Dave Webb from Paintmyphoto, link below, for he's exquisite rendition and capturing the little fellow! 

Sing birdie sing!  happy to be able to redirect some of my followers from twitter to the blog, All this has been a trial and error for me and now after 6 long years i can say is getting better.  About the birdie: Found a great resource for photos which I'm using here:  Still learning to navigate the site, but thought on doing something simple with the reference photo. Got some stamps from the near by Michaels and thought to use them with some of my paintings, on my way to the cashier.. stopped and right on the left, there they are!! the swirls of various of my paintings?, and saw a bunch of coloring books with them...giggles.. it says Art Nouveau!  yes that is true, incorporating  form and shape with architecture design in to a painting. Any ways more about that, later...So off to stamping it is!

While making the painting, noticed strong stamping was a bit too much, because wanted the main subject to pop, after all ..the bird is the super star! not the stamps, no offense Martha Stewart..

To be or not to be? the question, Crafter or not a crafter?

Well,.. as you will learn later on, if you have decided to commit in to art making and have decided to make your carrier as your business, you will have to mingle with all kinds of crowds, shoot your art in every website, And like it or not, have your very own special space in the craft section, actually some of the tags i use in both stores ebay and etsy is arts and crafts. Thank me later..  I know how some of us feel about it, but that is the truth. 

 Back to the bird...with several stamps, which where added to the background and i am of course giving you the idea for your own work, because i think it is important to give part of the technical progress.  And you will also learn how to mix and match your work with different craft ideas etc. This will take you out of your comfort zone, and from one simple or single idea, many will come,

  all artsie,... fartsie me... wanted to do the swirls, by hands and the stamping in the beginning..or cut up my own, but i wanted a quick result. And if they are available why not?. 

Some of the materials used:

Happy paintings!

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