Friday, July 30, 2010

Pain Who can't Relate?

Describing pain is easy when it is felt, on the body or produced by something but when it is induced, by events of unforeseen circumstances it is hurtful and lingers there for a wile.

What brings comfort?, well I don't have an specific answer to it, specially when you lose some one by death, it is a sting that is strikes you in the core and doesn't let go even as the years pass. when you truly care an love, it stays there with you all along. only time heals sort of' in a weird kinda way.

I can say that our worst enemy is death yet, I have hugged a hope that brings to my heart comfort to know, in the years 1985_1987 I lost my two Aunts, one of them pregnant at that time, whom got killed right in front of me by an abusive husband, and my "adoptive" father got killed in a freak car accident. Living me out of.. and very sad.. I often blame my self for not being able to say good bye to any of them, and yet Life seems to have kept going.

Yet, despite of my unbearable pains, and the passing of my loved ones, I'm hugging in to what I called Hope, and wrote this poem.

When the time comes

You where there for me when I need it you, and now.. you are gone,
I have cursed to the air, grasping the earth we have grown out of, and asked why?, in my despair, I had to understand, we where breathing the same air and yet we are not.
have Ive gone to far?

This wouldn't never happened to you, yet death is a cheater, and got there earlier than me.
Now I extended my hand, but you are not here,' have you gone to the dark place, to sleep?.
and can not hear my voice any more?. I wish I could tell you one more time, how much I love you. That it is ok, the Sun will come out, and you will see it with me, sit right next, to me.
How much I appreciated you're counsel. I am looking forward when the time comes, when we can hug again, close my eyes see you there' with me. holding my hand once again, until that time comes, will keep you in my thoughts. and for each of my joys, will write them down, to let you know, when the time comes.

The words in the painting are, So you know what beauty is? when every one things is what it is in the outside, you're love stayed the same, Love is to Cherish , compassion, Empathy. very few. and so on...
different events that has taken place, in this past weeks that have transcend it, it is also in memory of Chris.

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