Monday, July 12, 2010

Remembering Puerto Rico my childhood"

Aceo" Painting Oil Pastels Beach Side Humacao titled: El Mar esta Picao'

The things I remember,

My grandfather's Jose Manue'l Rivera Diaz, (Tono) ordeal over the great depression state in Puerto Rico before Luis Munoz Marin and how grateful he was. He had a long... story to tell, made sure he's grandchildren remembered.

My cousins and I had a song for him
My Abuelo Tono"
Cono me da ni una peseta.... que viejo mas maseta #(3$#)

We where bad!!.

Making coffee from scratch, from picking up the red coffee beans, toasted in the Sun until blackened and then grinding it.

The Chickens sleep on trees, Yes they do!! and you never want to mess with it.

MJ grows wild, I won't tell you where..;))

El coqui is cute" and the salamandra is creepie looking.

That brown eggs are better than whites.

That herbs are more beneficial than a thousand pills.

Met a shaman , hes name was Monchin, descendant of Aborigens the little few left on the island..

What good tobacco looks like, and I chewed once too!.... Disgusting!

Used a Letrina" hahaha' you need to be from the mountains to get this joke"

Pasa el Jabon', is a game we used to play on the beach'

I know what Fuete means'!

I dived the deeps of the pacific Ocean!!( scuba diving) The Picture is a thousand words!

Explored a cave in Aguas Buenas, not to many go there'

Found Gold in the Mangle, Have seeing a carpenter's bird in there too!!

have heard the Pitirre sing!

The Parrots where many' freely !!

Can pick small mr.. crabs lol"with my hands..they are called hueyitos.

Have eaten hermit crab not so proud, I felt sorry. Any side from the cow, ain't joking. Rabbit, ducks, guinea pig and Iguana in other words (each and every pet) LOL the joke is on me...really.

had witness catastrophe.

Under a Hurricane you never ought to be!

know what a temblor is..

Poured soda on me....thinking I could get a great tan!

My sense of humor is definitely from my father side.

Tasted Ron Cana on a coquito drink

Eaten Ostiones

Heard how the pigs scream!

A marlin is a great fish and huge, the stingray, the manaties and giant turtles too! .

My favorite place, to go is 7 seas..

ride horses many' is Fun! Paso Fino are beautiful!

My great grandmother lived to 114 she was Beautiful.

Eaten many" panas!!

Climbed up a palm, mango and Kenepa (Spanish limes) trees, just for fun.

You Must! tell your grand parents, your aunts, your uncles, Bendicion! is a sign of respect and that you also asked for their blessings. My grandma used to clear' her throat if I ever forgotten'.

Was forced.... to eat Chayotes with Olive Oil and Pana de pepitas (Breadfruit Nuts) toasted" you don't wanna know what that does to you? good for you!!! that's what you hear'.. ...just people might want to stay away* tho' ( has a beans effect) get it!!?

Had tasted a piragua

Pinacolada made in the coconut with the coconut water....ok giveme a moment..... there... yes...ok let's continue..

Mira Jibara!, now I wish could hear that one more time...

I was the only 5"9" at 13 yrs old, people used to make fun of me...saying Mira' Hace Frio aya' arriba!!!... must of all my friends are 5"2".

My family, my nickname is La cana, La nena, and my grandmothers never pronounced my name the right way, it was always Marinbelsy oh mare, maruca, mariita, maraca, maricusa, mira nena!, flaca, jaba' etc etc etc...

wait until I tell you the story.... what happens when you eat orange seeds,.......Very Funny!

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