Thursday, July 15, 2010

When the muse's Strike

Painted this card, after someone got me a huge planter, with purple flowers in them, got it in the farmers market for $4 and tough it looked gorgeous, to get there is sort of far away, it means the action. I love my planter so much!, is hanged in front of the house.

got this Idea from a big sheet of Pin up girls, bough it on etsy search Pin Up is full of inspiration!

Poppies are a beautiful flower, have painted a bigger painting of the same flower, wile doing a long run one day, and having a really hard time, keeping up, splinters, black nails bothering, ran out of water...almost hitting the wall' and..... there, they are growing wild' so beautiful,effortless right under that peeling skin Sun! It gave me courage' to finish the run.
Ohh' when the muse strikes you must,.. go where it tells you to go, must paint!... an not ask questions, mine is male' :P looks like the Old-spice guy' very eloquent too... "..

It' moves to paint when you have had that picture?? your mind!! tho'.. ok' for the guys let's make it a Girl with a bikini on!.

This are things that happen in my Life an everyday theme for each day, or each hour, that moves me to paint, first thing is... listening to one of the kids giving a big speech on why he's bro should share he's precious toy. and he gave a list to he's brother and a lecture' the last sentences because he's hard of hearing'

I heard _ 'u now..pointing the finger at he's big bro, a tray ole ma toys we u' Je'emy, wa can not gimmie" for a short time......... I'll give it back!.

Children are a big part of my day, at home and outside I love to be around them!, they say things!... and not only that, they got a pure heart, well some do,.... at least the majority" Like Emmy *changed her name* She took my hand bag one day and said, I like you, because, you sure know how to dress, and you're purse, has singing notes on it, it means you are a happy person!!. and Look! we are dressed the same way!!! When I looked at her, she had the exact colors on her dress and her shoes... ok I know it sounds strange) for a 30yr old women but believe me, she had the same combination of colors around her dress... and yes I do like flashy pink things!! Children are smart and surely know when you like them too!..or else they... will let you know.

So my point is, If you have something unique about you, that you think someone else will benefit from, or get inspired, why not showing it and share it??, well to the least even if you think you are not, believe me,... Art speaks volumes sometimes, and color it says to help some how the brain... is either to soothe or disturbed, in my case i like to soothe' even tho...sometimes it does the contrary...

But nevertheless doing what we love definitely makes us unique, This are the different things, made during the week and hopefully ( if the muse) strikes again!! will accomplish more later on...

Remember, Share it, even if is Ugly Fugly* for you, some one else might find it very pretty.

This world is on an Inventors/ Inventions mode* constantly, and this are triggered by a color a word or simple things, that moves to.... create_

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