Thursday, July 8, 2010

Small Project with color pencils Pansy

Adding shadows can be fun! always locate your lights and shadows this is important, on top left the paper was left untouched, suggesting very bright light and some depths to the flower. This is a simple way to tackle small projects. Must of all Have Fun and be patient!

This flower has a natural realistic look to it, and with very little effort the project took around 1 hour or so to complete, the layers where done following the adjacent primary's it is important to know the colors wheel well, and your colors, this will help you develop a better eye towards you're subjects.

One way to do this is also by taking time to observe your subject Ex. like an apple squint you're eyes, you would be surprised how much color the apple has, the painter develop this keen eye for color with experience and practice.

You can see the difference here where the Alcohol was applied and where is not.... and yes there's a note on top, this is an old sketch book.:)) you can see top left how to..test your colors on to layers to see how they look mixed together. Color Pencils is very fun and versatile the higher pigmentation the better, in this case we are using Dickblick's colored pencils.

Once this steps is complete I added some light alchohol to do some interesting shapes like leaves and other adds a nice contrast to the dark background in this case use the Alchohol sparingly. following the contour and shadows of the flowers I continue layering green on to the leaves and on the background. Dark blue was added to the background as well.
following form and shape of the flower and the primary colors as you can see here layering
Add the colors of preference if you decide to leave your background light then skip this step and continue on to the flower
Layer the first colors in around the flower brown and yellow for the light parts stems and leaves.

Very Lightly sketch you're flower and then you layered with the based color in this case we used the pink

For this project you will need,
Artist Colored Pencils
with a high pigmentation so it lest you blend, with ease
Paper preferable Colorfix or with a tooth Pastel Paper in this case we used, regular sketching or drawing paper.
Flower of your preference in this case is a Pansy

Colors used

Light Violet
Dark Yellow
Light Yellow
Light Blue
Dark Blue
Dark Brown
Dark Green

and swaps

A will to Learn and Have Fun!

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