Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Hello to all of you whom have followed my transformation, from a little weeble to whom I called ArtinWater , Arte en Agua siglas en espanol.

I will Love to explain in my own words as quick as it can be done, in a less complicated way what is Twitter and other resources that I have found valuable to grow as an Artist. Hate to admit but in the beginning even tho had an idea I really didn't knew what  twitter was, and made many,..  mistakes. Like Twitting I'm drying my hair, how fun!! even so funny and very human' this twitts  are very  unprofessional specially if you are driving a business or organization, same goes with music and how you refer to others and colleagues.

in a brief but simple way' will explain what twitter is and ways to use it effectively even if is just to stay in touch, If you use twitter to promote you're business dealings you are in the right path as well, since it lets you micro blog also serves great as a customer service platform, the great thing about twitter is that you can use you're cellphone , e-mail and other resources to stay in touch .

 Let me explain something first, My mission has being the same since the beginning which was to share what I do with some customers that know me for a very long time, My  fellow Artists, Teachers   get connected with museums and to  know the trends in the Art world , how the economy or Other issues has had affected it,.. and twitter allows me to do all this at once and quick .   I have managed to do certain sales from people interested that has stop by twitter, but the sales and everything else has being issued outside the website, because Twitter is not for Sales!

But at the same time one should take advantage, So I see it also to grow and get information/ learning from... media, even tho I'm not an internet savvy person perse'...  The world internet in this case multimedia should be consider your friend, not your enemy, and if you are in twitter and has managed to block all those media people? ouch' well congratulations! but to Tell You the Truth you are in their Field!. As some of you know I'm also very compromised with time being a mom.   I'm also considered a mommy blogger and I am Very Proud of it too!!.. Because this allows me to talk pre school/ middle school and  math  but note: at the same time I let other's... know what kids like, trends in music, media what is going on in the educational system. so all of this is consider resource/ potential also as a Customer ,  being an Artist allows me to show how well we managed to do it,  all in one place. So for us  Artist Mom's and Dad's singles too', this is  Great!. Twitter  has being an excellent tool for me, to stay connected  also with  Family and Friends... I relate to twitter for what it is for tho, never misconceiving it's true power wish is Market  Media and Micro Blogging.

After a month or so in twitter, went in to information that is where  you see this Twitter

 hahaha' twitter got's you covered! they give you a full range of Twitter Rules, Finding and following People etc.  also gives you the opportunity to Verified you're account this is for those whom need it,... please read first, before you go on clicking...  I am not here to explain everything about twitter just to give you a spectrum of the things you can do with the website, and How great it is to stay connected!,  not to mention I have found Valuable Tweeple in Twitter!!! that I for once thought this could not have being possible! but it is...  I'm I thankful? Yes I am Very much so! in hopes continually to bring information savvy' and interesting about not only what is happening in my career as an Artist, but also about The big Vast community of The Arts and Artist in Twitter.

 as always here is what I'm working on...this is what's happening? @ArtinWater

Twitter is How I met Etsy!

After websites over websites  found The Beautiful People of Etsy  trough believe it or not,.. Twitter! whom are also referred as My fellow Etsians and even tho as busy as I am, have managed to give me an opportunity of the things that can be accomplished!  Artists Like Artists never forget that!' their is and does exist those whom show you where to go, with their hands and  point... (Resources) those whom let you know, when things should be improved, so all is for good use, never take it personal, this is Always  to grow as an Artist and as a Professional.

 Etsy has being a Great Help, even tho only less than a year in the website  have had the opportunity to  meet Many beautiful and wonderful Etsians that have hugged and teach me so much, from  the Art of Crafts to Artists that work in many things, from  paper to metal the lists goes on!,   all in this combined makes a powerful punch of equality and insight!! This  has also  shown me the potential of Twitter in many ways and to whom I'm very grateful.

Even tho' I like to take my time...but in a steady way... know little by little  will get there'...please note this is for those considering Twitter to promote them selves before I go off... I wish You The Best in You're Art as a Career! even so some might think because they are humble' since Art does requires patience and many sacrifices  as just but:  I just like to Paint and Draw and sometimes feel a shamed of thinking that for selling it, will make Them more or less' or that also might think they are bothering people please note:
self-promotion is part of you contribution in the economy, grow as an Artist  not only Motivation and Ambition must start within You,. Believe in You're self !always do things with kindness, Respect and for Self Grow.  Best Wishes!  The Power of Nice and Yess goes along way' and that is an energy that translate in to miles away'.


  One last tip, Head on to My Art List in Twitter and Follow! there's many Artist looking forward to share with you their insight, expertise, experience, friendship in a caring and professional way.  In our careers We are always learning.

If you would like to know more about how to also sprout out you're Artist Career please head out to Alison B. Stanfield whom is also a tweeple and a beautiful person.also known in twitter as @abstanfield 
Her book is Rich in insight and whom in the very near  future, will love to see in person and attend one of her conferences.

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