Thursday, August 5, 2010

The making of I love Baseball Titled the "Teaser"

The Teaser

The painting was started at first with laying down the primary colors and adding some Shadows yellow Oqure was added for both figures, dark brown or burnt amber was then added to give emphasis to the hand. Makes this a conversational peace. please note: that the background is added with the same strength to the figure on the right, so the view stays on the figure left.

second and third layers where added some more lights to the clothes of the figure left and both of their faces where kept with the same tonal value, at this point the Red color (crimson) was added to the right figure in different shades or tones, burnt umber was then lightly added to the face as well. no factions yet where made, at this point thinking... to dare' or not?

Stand back yes, you must at this point checking that the entire picture looks well" and not all crooked or flat. perspectives where checked and of course you made the picture you're own by changing positions if you see the left figure, let's call it figure A is more higher than the right figure B. This also let's the viewer know that there's movement ( motion) in the two subjects)
more Red was added the watercolors in this case are used not in a transparent way, but the brush is loaded in color!. It is important to learn and fill the brush with the right amount of water.

Here, I said I Dare'!! and gave the figure A the well deserved cartoon expression, this is all to really give emphasis focusing on the hands, and standing position. The shirt was also loaded up on Red Crimson color, and White Gouache was added to the hand, that is carrying some thing a shirt' or blanket. Note:when it comes to logo's etc. Do not completely paint them down as they are, just give a suggestion.

I had to cook, clean etc, so came back with the interesting idea' and the bulb was Full ON" of how from the same palette, you can construct any other form or painting..this cutie came out :), The socks where added with black and white paint, reminds me of a skater'. and also that we need to get back to the other painting :) shall we??Let's do this....

Now The Darks by darks I mean Dark's don't be stingy' with them, in this Illustration they are what is going to make both figures pop out, in the belt was added, also he's shirt wish makes it more vivid, Note: I separate both individuals using Dark and last but not least' The ( taser) has Dark =viewer (eyes) bounce. from one side to the other'.

Moments of truth' the hand on the right is finished adding nail, pants and shadows are just in tonal value as a suggestion, all the folds in the clothes, pointing upwards towards the figure A The faces, factions where completely changed, this was done by looking in the mirror..locating the bones looking at other humans, sticking tongue' make sure that the face is reflecting it's message wish is _ I got You!! Hold'n in a.. comical and satirical way, The right figure B The factions where Oh He.. does!! get it!
note: How the C is emphasizing the viewers eyes to follow figure B?, interesting, right?

This is to baseball Fans out there' in hopes that the painting, has being explained in full. Must of all Have some serious Fun!

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