Sunday, August 8, 2010

Nudes in Pastels

I found that a little difficulty never hurt any one' the background was plain, so it was a task to add color, in returned a depth was created between layers, that is hard to recreate, remembering the process for this one, wile making notes of the similarity between two sketches. pushing trough the night with this one'. I noticed after applying certain highlights it creates movement '.

2nd Sketch
A desire to become better at figurative drawing, but as great as it is, I have far' to many responsibilities. have heard of this before yet, it is hard to recognized it that im on...waiting... so I trow my self to the mercy of the clock pushing trough,' I guess today, was a good day, and Acrylics was not the medium of calling or either , watercolors.

Today was for Oil Pastels to give dignity to this misinterpreted medium as a little less behaved than others' must admit but still not as difficult as watercolors, no . This sketch, to look for the model was simple, decided to go for a tone background, the highlights seem to come out easily off the paper, Used a different model , a little more on the hips, with all respect to the model of course' because beauty is what we make of it, not what we see'.

Must admit that, the palette needs to be expanded, so it to makes it more broad, wanting to see more purples and a more realistic look on both', I'm I satisfied? No never, so must continue..


  1. Oh Mary, your drawings are wonderful and very inspiring! I think that I might just have to grab my oil pastels and take them to the figure drawing studio this week. And your, right. The highlights that you added cause wonderful movement for the eye to follow... really, very nice!

  2. I LOVE the top piece. The colors are beautiful and I love the sense of movement with the white lines.