Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Insanity is curable'

In real life..

Since We moved here and it has being over 3 years. My neighbors see me as a strange thing' and they are probably right...but let's keep to the topic..shall we'.. what they see is me with a bunch of broken junk, seemingly looking at the sun, like I'm on a quest or playing pirates!, with Canvases big and small' orchestrating what appears to them' a big looney show. All dressed up photographing the floor!!!

At least for the one's in the front yard this is well' hmmmmm normal" even the neighborhood crackhead ask me what was I on??... So all is cool' I guess' at the moment. but, the backyard neighbor.. She just stares at me' with an AWE' on her face' siting on her porch'. This happens frequently specially wile writing in a journal ... and then taking out a big peace of paper and splatter paint, on it, I'm pretty sure' is clear to her I'm nuts!

I' got this somewhat smile' in my face, of satisfaction on not pay much attention to the matter because, what They don't know is that I'm actually working! oh' and should be thankful I don't take the congas out or the maracas' that will give something to talk about, no?

But Really' what I see'... is the Lights where it's coming from?, interesting objects', Linear... perspective, different tonality of blues in the sky, It is great to take pictures laying the canvas on the ground, much more clearer, To grasp that northern day light sometimes is so difficult, specially with a crappy camera like mine, those Shadows casts with movement, compositions, How the paint behaves in different surfaces, techniques, a great start an need to write down process, painting formulas, because my life is not programmed on the contrary, it needs spontaneity' to be free' breathing the Air to connect with the simplicity of nature, to be whom I am in peace' unclogged of the unnecessary' and being able to Create.


  1. But we still love you Mary. xx LOL

  2. LOL... know that you are not alone Mary!