Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Painting

The Abstract Absence Explained

Kandinsky is one of my favorites when it comes to abstract art, in the sense that he was also a very spiritual man, I'm not going forth with the usage of different forms to get to the point of doing he's abstracts, just to the use of spirituality.

In this Abstract the usage of color as a simuli of what Pain and Suffering means to the human mind, mine in this case, the colors Red and Blue where both added in different ways. One as a pulsating effect inflicting" on top left , and the other, as a splattered, both of them pushing towards the floor, in this segment in the middle with a mix of both cerulean blue, maples yellow and a touch of white.

The conversing picture will tell you that the use of gold could be represented by any anime form or living thing', could even include humans, the complications or relationships in between to mediums like gesso and the own paint mix well in this case.

The purples comes in, as a mix of different crimsons and a very coagulant orange in other words very light' can be mix with any other colors, this one was added in to the purple mix and whites to become some what a soup. let's relate this to human sorrows or even unanswered questions. Just as life the painting is very complicated and not understandable to the full.

Yellow is symbolic for sickness, greens is more related, but wanted that yellow to pop out of the canvas with out usurping the other colors, so it becomes palpable, sickness is there' but it is not over taken the entire picture. black was then added as a last result with the palette knife, was then compressed in to curves to give it an swim effect, and let the eyes swim with the view. I tend to do this with every painting.

The composition, really there's no composition just a layer of feeling after feelings, to complete a painting, what you want to make of it is priceless, you must forbid preconceive ideas when coming down to Abstract paint. I know some of this don't make sense' but this is why is here, complicated, deep, usurping, intrepid, ambitions, airy desires and truth. My eyes are as deep as they can overcome any textural endeavor' and complicating owned exhausting emotions.

What meets the eye, it is to the person that is viewing their own passage not mine, I just do what I must wish is to paint.

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