Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Some one asked me recently So...What is you're mission? I then, remember one of my friends saying we need to be like monks and paint..until no more... That really was a heartfelt, statement and in a way' true, One must Go on' continue pushing that brush until no more...

My mission will be to sit down one day and say, I did that, and yes I did that one too..and oh I remember that one' very much, so when I'm blind or can not move anymore if there's to be... and by that time, I still remember,...feel happy and content' of the things accomplished. nothing else..because in this life there's always going to be gaps and holes unfinished and things to experiment so the next generation can see, and not to just go for one..but for everything their hearts desire' and pass on to the next.

This is for my children to continue carry on, respectful of others following the golden rule, not to earn anything' in return, but as good people ought to be, because I don't own anything else more valuable than this, in hopes that one day you see,.., nevertheless you three are my Masterpieces!

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