Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Painting

Made from memory, again fighting with universal colors isn't funny
but managed, , Have eaten so much eggs in life that form is easy subject for me yet, the structure of the egg is not simple, One need to understand, what is in the inside?

Training the Eye'

for example The egg Yolk is an embryo and it has a shadow that shadow is blueish to purple, notice also how the transparency of light comes trough' on the subject the reflection of the light in the human eye, but more than that, painting an egg that serves it's purpose in this case, the painting is explaining this egg is for something else ' than eating.

I see an egg for the first time, yes, just like any subject mind is trained to act as it has amnesia and never seeing an egg before, So it must ask, What do you see?, better then' What colors comes out?, This is what mind says ....well' the eye sees purples, grays, light browns, it has orange ohh and yellows, isn't that like something inside?? so it is not hollow then,..it's heavy has a shadow, see it has a narrow tip, it is not round but an oval, it goes around if its moves, Then the palette comes out for the egg, it is not brown but an Oqure, Yellow with burnt umber, with greys and blues Oh mind is working properly now, ...what makes it an egg?' Comes from an animal it is life also, so this paintings are done by layers following form ,shadow, structure making it as simple as possible of course'.

This painting gave me so much pleasure' being working on a series of landscapes, faces all day so it is good to rest the eyes.

The colors Scheme for this one, is very simple, just complimentary as for the mortar' well' I went on to give it an old master Layer, but wanted the painting to say me, and as you already know.. know' the Rules but never ,follow :( So a White line, but not much' of a deal right?

The Out line, in this case directs the eyes, to the Right completely disappearing both the egg the background the mortar...like a flash of memory..seems to be painted in an instant just like the idea for this painting, see a Rug there's a painting, the neighbors dog, there goes another painting, look at that' look up there's an Idea!, they follow me everywhere coming to me like when a writers gets an Idea, for a novel it is a fire..I must tamed it by painting more!!. The mind at this point keeps saying encore' encore' but easy'.

Will I play with the egg again? Of course' this is part of practice and an awesome game, and tamed that fire that burns,.. if I don't paint.

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