Sunday, August 1, 2010

Epic Moments in My Life

Questions Unanswered

I have encouraged my self to keep going no matter what. like that commercial from Orbitz gum that cleans you're dirty mouth' I also have a mental, That Was Eassy! Button all my life, even when time has being grimmer' I had to laugh' and to my thinking, this is what has kept me a float and sane' or better say insane'..either or I am here and happy to share with you one of my stories.

Recently Ive was asked, Do you get a chance to get organized after vacations etc?.. I said Ohh Yess, very serious, and then... answered_ I just trow their clothes to each of their respective rooms like a Frisbee, and keep on going. My laundry looks like a War Zone, and said it Clean Eastwood style... The ( lady) looked at me'.
and I looked in to the horizon, and said _I can't believe I just said that!! laughing inside.

Well,.. some of you, have known, some not, but I had a freak accident two months ago and it is just like everything else, in my life, sounds like a joke really, very little was said about the entire O'deal because I am that way, have managed some how to be on denial all my life,...even when the doctors gave me the news of my past pregnancies, I still said, ahh' it could have being a mistake'...., and for my third child, I did not went to my visits until 5 months past.

I am a hard headed person, must admit, until I don't see blood coming out of every single hole' I don't back down..ok that didn't sound as right.. but you understand..? back to the O'deal, and some might say oh' you wimp, but no kidding, it is not funny or wimp, it is a major reality specially when you are like me. Yes, I am hard on my self. Often in my head, I am Racclif and also Julian Michaels but sadly in my reality, my inner voice sounds more like Richard Simmons having a melt down' ...

As I don't mean to make this a personal blah blah' because I hate that! it is good that sometimes I let it out, it makes me more human less .. complicated, any ways, to make the story short, what happened? was devastating and by devastated, I mean devastated, did I mention I was...ok enough with that joke'.

let me explain this all happened to soon, I remember was in a hurry because it was 2:00pm and wanted to do my feet with one of those portable feet spa's, because I can't afford paying, 25 dollars every week, to the hot Korean guy,..' oh" he is, believe me.' Any ways.. I had it already set up, that same day, I had clean the entire house, and talk over the phone with mother, whom asked me for the third time, If I cleaned my colon. Yes,.. she is in to that stuff' you don't want to go there' believe me!!

The 7 yr old, got hanged by a hook from the neighbors yard, it was very funny, and I know you must be asking How? well simple...because you know a person like me also, had to have, that special child, that one" is the middle child, often leaves me, pulling my hair out, I got the Do gro' shampoo and conditioner....

Any ways, he climbed up, with an stick whom they used, to balance, them selves and being able to see in to the neighbors yard, but their plan got sabotaged and I say they, because my 5 yr old was the instigator'. all I heard is ,..when he got hanged by he's shirt..Was Please help me!!!!...and I did laugh' for a second' and then in my mind, I asked often if I should have left him there a bit longer..??

So.. I went down running, and took him down, and he looked at me all in shame' and scared,.. but believe me, three days lasted, and he was already in trouble, boys will be boys'.., since then he had never dare' done it, as specifically as the first time. The reason was.. to just see a puppy', the neighbors had. My heart got very little' and I really thought this was it, I'm happy, it all turned out well'

I saw Jesus

When I went daughter was waiting for me to do her Hair, and as I went with all force with the corner of the bed, wish is real hard wood, I heard a crack' when I looked down it happened that the toe got bunked, against the corner', and I took it like it was..a bunked toe, because, I have never had anything broken in my life, kept on walking like nothing reaction was a joke' in denial, No, it is not broken, and my face was pale' nevertheless' I soaked that baby in... and did a pedicure' on my feet. Like it was a glorious moment.

2 hours passed and the toe got black, and when I touch it, I screamed my heart out, the pain was so horrible I passed out ,... I got up, and waited again, until husband was home, but wait, there's more soon as my husband got home, I told him with a smile' hey you!, what's up?..ohh well' guess what?,..I think... not sure,' my toe is broken.. what should I do? He said let's go to the hospital mary...and _Ohhh' hospital.. I got other issues' with hospitals.

The Flash backs

I said hmmmm, let's wait till tomorrow..alright' and when tomorrow came, my foot was purple, like I could painted a face and it was Barney, I hated that show!! btw. so it is broken!, I said oh crackers' another bill... and rushed to the hospital, I went gave my data all smiley to the receptionist, The nurse" told me are you in pain? and he ask the Stupider question of all times,... you know, the from 1 to 10.... 1 being no 10 being Im dying, question, You know what?, they should stop asking that question.

So I said ehhh' No, not really, but, don't touch me!!,..Have you ever seeing the Cat in the hat movie?..when the cat is telling the other cat.. all the obvious stupid questions, He said something like...I will get you... and it would look like a bloody accident"

I gave him the look, alright' and he rushed me in to the "not so hurt" room, because they where all smiling in there', and making jokes, seriously there' was a guy laughing that had casts all over he's body he's fingers out. I'm thinking" the doc gave him some serious stuff' poor guy..' any make the story short, I was there, and then...because I also have the sudden urinalities syndrome", I had to go pee, . apparently they where all worry' and called me in the intercom!! the entire hospital heard me screaming, _I'm in the bathroom!!!!!!

Jumping in one foot, because I refused to be in a wheel Chair!, I went in to this room... My flash back came... and started thinking, when I had my children...Ohhh I got hysterical" and sat down in the chair, not in the bed. but the nurse insisted, for me to go in the bed. So very reserved sat down in it..., I meant.. I sat down, facing, the nurse,.. who smiling asked me,.. would you like some cocaine...?, I'm messing with you ,..he ask me if I wanted some codeine' wish is almost the same thing, but oh yes, "is all good" I said is okey, if I need it, I will let you know. smiling', I'm stupid, now, I think should've have asked for two bottles', but yes, sometimes we do not think at the moment.

The call in to the XRAY

Why, there's always a meeting in the Xray room? it is always a bunch of people, eating and making jokes, probably hiding from the doctors, seriously that is what it looks like, there' goes our taxes..hahaha' any ways, the lady that was the Xray lady or the Xray monitorator"... she was in there' yapping and yapping, you know what that means...I waited in there like half an hour.. but it was alright, I heard the entire stupid conversation, and said to my self I'm thankful, only got a broken toe...*

" let it sink in. ....I know...The XRay's where done .

Back to the Happy Room'

In the room, the smiling nurse comes by and asks again, are you sure?, you don't want anything, for the pain?, and I said no, is ok, Thank You, Im ok,..because remember" im in denial!, After having so many babies I just don't simulate pain like other people.

The Recipe

He went on to look for the doctor at that point, I was hungry fed up' of hoping, and tired. He comes up and tells me- you see here'.. that line in you're toe this means, you slashed you're toe in half, and you might have to stay in rest for 4 weeks.

What I got from the visit?, this horrible light turquoise blue and white shoe that looks like a boot, I said is not that bad, it could have being purple! or Bright orange! I have a skirt that matches it, the next day, wearing an blue and white skirt, so it looked like Summer', but if you looked closer you could see my purple toe.

At the same time Very Great News' The unplanned vacation YESS!...

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