Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Adrians Gift

Children say and do the darnest things' yet I rather stay sitting down listening to them talk, as they are often pure and say things that sometimes adults tend to forget, making more sense' not only that, Small Children often don't see differences, They play and go on talking to each other hugging just like if they knew each other from a long time ago', often saying this is my friend, and he (she) is my Best Friend . I Believe if Adults where a little... like this, a lot of problems can be easily solved.

My 5 yrs old Favorite Movie is Finding Nemo, and he says, Mom, he got lost and now he's daddy is Sad..but then..he finds the turtle that calls him Duuuude! making that same sound like in the movie and then he gets help! and finds he's daddy Again.

please read again...and think deeper because, this teached me a lot! specifically when one is in trouble the importance in relying on each other, not seeing even if that other person has a disability' remember Dorothy she was forgetful Nemo' could have easily thought she was useless. ' Yet, she helped him!.

I often Learn a lot from Children, for example about this story again of the fish, that sounds simple, but yet it is not... with a big moral is quite impressive' and so teach the child what can happen when you don't listen. Or What parents can do, to teach with out irritating their children.

So he says, Mommy paint Nemo! he got rescued and he lives happy with he's Daddy' so this are for Adrian My 5 yr old Son, whos small words means a world to me and whom I am actually Learning from.

and so.. He has inspired me to take another look at creation it self,' and our oceans, eventually this cards will have and serve a bigger purpose!

Works in progress!...
Did you knew, that clown fish communicate trough sounds?

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