Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Paintings

soften edges wile keeping a busy background cool against warm' color

Seascapes in need of a vacation?

Lifting Whites and left alone.. whites graduated washes different tonal values

Sketch and Paint


Shake and bake


Dance and Sing!

It is Joy for Life! peace with in... to portray... and Paint one after the other...! Remember when Life gives You Lemon's Make....Lemonades make many' and drink some more!!So here we go!!

Leaving the whites to create highlights and form cool background against warm tones

Using brush strokes to do form' no touchie the pencil!! painting has being cropped

Focus on Light left alone concentrated details

Ink Watercolors and Alcohol same fish different angle.

bold pen sketch and Inks

Temperament/mood quality, Graduating washes... followed by color complementary Vs. split complementary

Tonal value shadows and lights

high key Vs. Light and Shadow

Lifting up paint Saturated wet in to wet technique

details on the eyes on the upper fish, learning to flow key complimentary Yellow Orange Red Orange using line to form... as well as taking lines off, high key lights to produce bounce effect on view, use you're imagination after study and then paint'.

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