Thursday, September 2, 2010

Recycled Watercolor

Paper making has being a passion of mine, this was a casual thing for me, when One day, someone out of the blue' just decided and gave a kit to me, just because..., does that happens to you? an the person said here....make something beautiful, Well it does happens to me, I call it the universe paying back for something done right to some one else, this happens often and frequently , I'm guessing is a Great thing!.

The materials used are many, but my main focus for this paper, was to preserve an eco friendly paper, with out pressing it with things painted or metal so Ive used only wood for this one and my hands so you can see hand made, I love things that has that simple but elegant touch in it, with out commercial, things, those sudden mistakes or distress finishes add a beautiful vintage look to them, also the spices used are all about relaxing, mind and soul. like Oil of Oregano wish has healing properties, chamomile, Herb's D Provence, Cinnamon, different seeds, rose oil, rose petals, mulberry essence from trees, etc...The paper is very thick so it is not good for writing...but can be sown or cut in to something...I let them dry in the sun and see how they turned out, so colors may probably be more blended.

When paper making becomes a work of Art, you see patience pays off' I squeeze each sheet very carefully not to damaged it, and also applied the petals and flowers just like a Saan paper maker will... Like I said nothing metal was this is all made by hand, not to mention it is very therapeutic and a beautiful way to preserve you're un used recycled watercolor paper. I used beautiful paper, nothing from mail or postage service or that has ink in it.

This paper is made with very good grade artist watercolor paper and I even made sure, to use the one that said wind made not the other kind,... this was done all under the sun in my backyard...where the sudden breeze becomes one with it self' something tells, it is something done peace wile making it, no interruptions everything set up for a good mood, positiveness for something Beautiful. No Rush,... No mood,.... No worries,... Peace, Love, calm making sure that paper has a very good energy from nature and my hands.

They are 10 in total, and will be posted soon! in my ArtinWater.Etsy shop as soon as they dry!

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