Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Paintings

New Paintings

Despite Having an enormous case of bad allergies all this week and a headache that does not go away' managed to stay outside and sketch' each one starting point from 30 min sketch to 25 and forth as a way of exercise to keep my mind centered in what I am an active painter! some said it is not easy fighting with procrastination, so when those urges come instead of going and doing something else' besides paint, It is a good time to run, hug you're canvas, take you're brushes and paint, paint and paint!..

This trees where painted both simultaneously. This tree is located a house away from my backyard, with a theme' in mind since we are in the beginning of fall, welcoming fall and the beautiful colors that come with the season, the second scheme' is based on different time of the day.

This is The Mulberry tree' all grandiose' where all birds, chipmunks, squirrels, jumping spiders, blue J, cardinals come to visit it all the time, and from where I spent must of the time staring at and taking ideas viewing different animals. Let's say the tree came with a package, deal'.

I have made different interesting paintings, based on anecdotes' of this single tree', I often sit near it, and when a bird approaches it, taken snap shot's and continue sketching. Not sure how many years this tree has being here, but pretty sure it is older than me. When we first moved from the City to where we live now on really windy days, the tree trunks hit the windows making a spooky scratching sounds'. So You can imagine my children faces..very extremely funny' trying to explain is just a tree!!' eventually we had trimmed it down...yet' the tree has managed to grow in huge proportions.

Again I took what we called Artistic license and removed things that are unnecessary, like fences or houses entirely sitting or standing locating the view finder at an owl view position makes me think easily not to confuse all the tree branches because it has many, The artistic license not only helps wile simplifying, but also helps to the point where I can see the other trees to an full extend behind it, even tho' in reality you can only see half of them.

sketch Outside and Paint

This painting has a funny story, happened last month, it was very sunny' out, So I decided it was a great time to paint this flower painting... finished outside...

wile...doing this painting,...I laid other watercolor paper to stretch it on the floor' drying because it had loads of water in it, then this huge long legged spider went underneath the mat where I was sitting on...suddenly... felt something on my neck and when moved... looked like a spider web, I had it all around me..legs hair and back... I laughed and then squirt it with water.. the curious' spider with an exquisite, wild and inquisitive, big appetite?.

Nevertheless the painting was finished...and I think missy or mr. spidey learned a lesson'

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