Saturday, September 11, 2010

Oil Still Life

Brief study sessions are a must, specially this days when we are so busy.
For Ideas just pick up the primary and sketch,' do so with the brush saving time as well, remember is a quick study, get you're panels ready gessoed the day before'.

In my time, I do this at least three or four a day 60 min to 1 hour in intervals. Not big but medium size is fine', It is important that you keep you're self on practice mode' this will help you towards more difficult schemes in the future and the only way to learn as well'.

Iusualy just take out whatever things I got in my fridge apples lemons limes etc...onions tomatoes..

Even you're own painting materials brushes oil boxes etc...the important thing is that you do this on the day of light, and with a good attitude...this is the 4th painting done today including a portrait that at the end didn't work for me. Even small because it is a miniature' it does requires patience brush control and understanding, just like a bigger painting so don't underestimate the size of your canvas either.

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