Thursday, September 23, 2010

Making Wine'

Not long' ago an Artist friend of mine and I where talking about Merlot's.  I've being dying to do an wine painting for so long kinda lingered for a wile' agreeing later on..what kind to portray? since theirs so many! besides Art nothing beats the good company of you're family and friends wile having good wine'.

So here is the process of one of my recent paintings Enjoy! the Painting is made in Oils on a canvas panel.
Surprisingly at the same time, wile answering to my friend the mail man came with my Art materials' and I said Oh Joy! So here is to you My Dearest of Friends amigo and Art compadre'!! Cheers!

Here is The Basic sketch', I like to leave it as just forms".. making sure all is in a balance way and they don't appear as dancing all loco' since the beginning. The glass of wine you can not see it, but is wider' squint you're eyes look back and take out whatever is not for good use..later on...

I lay on the first layers for the bottle elongating the bottle's neck more like the wine of my preference', uhmmm not even for a second caring about lights at this point just adding dark's.

My Impressionistic side Said paint it Low key' with highlights on the blue's... but my Modern era' style said, This wine deserves to be portray as it is!! give it some class and make sure to separate the glass proportions accordingly instead of a champagne Glass!!'.

Now what kind of wine is this?.. I know is Merlot but is heavy merlot very thick fruity woody and by the way smells divine...yes it goes well with cheese as well' the cherries are the essense and the spirit of the all plays well in this composition and of course the background, some what like a obscure pub or bar..where you still feel movement and energy coming all around...

Highlights on the glass, I took the liberty and made my Own fit for the King gold plated glass' in here' it is all about giving dignity to this humble wine' portrait... don't forget the cheese!!

 love the texture on canvases so I must say I do apply texture on gesso  love the feel of it,  the background is still getting there, as so is the glass of wine notice how the background on the glass melts together to give a tonal value, this strokes are done fast..not to mention the color scheme here is very basic all you're complimentary the highlights are applied in an impasto matter. please note: the highlights where toned down later on' but I thought it was a good Idea so you can see the brush strokes here'

Here the cheese has entered proud in to the composition not even pulling from the glass or the bottle but adding a sense of unity in all the objects... stay tuned please.. for more of this humble but beautiful painting.  Now go Have a glass or two and Paint/ Write/Sing/ Run/ Cook or pull the weeds, enjoy you're creative endeavor...Cheers!!

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