Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Painting Acrylic women

Being a women painter has not being easy' being of Hispanic background either, Just to say I'm Puertorican, some have picture me with a knife in my mouth for some reason?, Being a mother starting early in life of three children, it has being an battle.. a constant fight with men, my self and other that say~ No this is not you're position, No you can not do that' you can never be better, this is for professionals only" like they belong to an exclusive club. This has being comments mainly coming from men but women as well'.

No, you where not meant to paint and the list goes on... like ooooh' Now you are a painter? is that soo' Ive being laugh at ridiculed, looked upright back and forth' even some have dare to say- come and sit here you can be a model, not the painter.. , stereotyped because of lack of...or Spanish accent etc.

The Greatest thing in life, is to accomplish what others say you cannot do. When your mind is full of indecision, try thinking with your heart. Understand that You will always have a person upon whom you can depend yourself.

Well after a long fight ,because I had this on my mind for quite some time, I threw it all away' not caring for a second what others might say or think. Have learned to come around like a boomerang', Must admit not easy'. Even still sometimes I think, what would have come, if I succumbed to what they said?... Because it did crossed my mind . Wouldn't dare for a second to say what I'm not, or to give prove to anyone!' 10 years later. and I'm still here'.

This blog is to those women out there' perhaps passing trough the same, that are thinking twice for whatever reasons, Listen to me, No one can dictate whom you are or what is the right way or path for You, Don't let anyone pinpoint where you should go, take a stand, Yes, sacrifices even the lack of monetary means, might put you in a string, thinking perhaps how? When that happens, is when you should really take a stand and be strong' don't back down. If this, is you're calling is you're calling!

If You have chosen an Art career perhaps gotten noticed later in life or early, this is the right path for You, never doubt it. Take it very seriously, don't listen to anyone that has nothing good to say about you're self or you're career', Self Respect, Self Esteem, Love For You're Self plays an Important part in here' Being Strong, practice, Study keep on doing what you love, not to prove anyone' but for "You to be Strong be Happy for what you are' Women Stand Proud'.

miniature 2.5" by 3.5" painting my version is up for sale charity donations via ebay to Books of

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