Sunday, December 13, 2009

Goey Mac an Cheese the secret Recipe Adult friendly!

This Recipe is Very Simple an By Intuition You will get an wonderful Result You can add the tomato if you like, or leave it as is if you prefer either or, it is very Tasty!
1lb of Elbow Macaroni
1lb of Shredded or cut in peaces  Cheddar Cheese
1lb of Mozzarella also Shredded or Cut
1/2cup can Cambells Cheddar Cheese Soup
1/4 Pecorino Romano
1lb of Velveeta cheese
1tsp Cayenne Pepper
Salt an Pepper to Taste
 pinch Herbes De Provence
Plum tomatoes
1/4 milk
1/4cup of Navy beans Pureed (If Desired)

Cook Pasta or Elbow Macaroni add Cheeses to the cook pasta an melt together salt an pepper an Herb the Provance*  beans optional if desired add (tomatoes) an sprinkle breadcrumbs on top, in oven to 350 degrees until goey an you can see a  golden thin crust  Enjoy!
Kids this days don't like veggies so this is a good way to incorporate the veggies with out them knowing! is healthy this recipe is a classic  when it comes to dinner does not take long an is Adult Friendly"

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