Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Passion for Still Lifes

The favorite subject of a Painter could be Anything but oh' The Still Life! I have a Friend that only does pears different shapes, colors but always the same subject, an yet is like I have being hit with amnesia because I find them completely fascinating!

Is one of the first things an Art Teacher will put down for you to paint specially peppers.  The Shape how you position them to the Light where you can see the different values. I have made a couple of Still Life not perfect no, but visualy recognizable at least!  So with out further do's cheers! To Still Lifes of all kinds or genre's an colors, an the fun we have with them, not to mention eating them! it all depends"  I will post the picture an will let you know a little story behind them!.

This one we did in Art Class My Students where encouraged to Find the Light I use as a demonstration on How not to miss it, made sure they understood so you can see the big spot of white in the paper there!

The Vase I bought an Nice bamboo Plant but the flower got ill so I had to trow it away, Yet I cleaned the vase an still have it around, the fruits didn't last long as soon as the painting was done my children finished them up!

 made by memory but the background didn't work for me so I left it as is..although very fond of doing it!

This One was made with my Friend Grigory in the back there one of he's paintings we didn't had time to finished it up like you see on the left there'.

This one is is a Pencil sketch Silver Russian Tea pot' very difficult since it was first lesson for me, an still the orange came out like a ball!

also made by memory in opaque watercolors the cherries became to dark but still  I had fun!

This one is how I depict My Family I'm still figuring out wish one I'm I

I  use a reference picture for this one i'm still working on it! one year an counting! It has powder gold an is just very beautyful will be finished when the muse strike me back!

Well this are my Still Lifes  that I still have around some friends have taken, family members, some have being sold an others well' are in the error and Horrors Pile! of papers an canvas ruined over the years!
by MaryVargas

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