Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Whole Wheat Pasta and Vegetables

Simple Pasta an Tasty

1Lb Whole Wheat Pasta  Follow Instructions I Recommend To Do The Vegetables First since The Pasta Shouldn't take no Longer than 8 min. If you use fresh whole wheat the time is way shorter,  If You don't like how it taste Barilla comes with a variety of whole wheat pasta that are pretty decent in taste. 

2 Lb Vegetables Now I have found a Great Short cut wish is already Frozen chopped vegetables not to mention very economical.  Im using in this case BirdsEye Asian Style Veggies.  

In a  Pan Add Olive Oil an Garlic Sauteed the Garlic add the Thaw Veggies. Now  if you decide adding Frozen will take a short cooking time. Now the Important Ingredient will be The veggies not the Sauce. 

2  Tablespoons of  Canned Plum Tomatoes or Chopped If you are concerned about the Sodium content definitely  go with Fresh tomatoes around 3 -4 . 

Pecorino Romano Cheese  I Will Prefer Fresh but Store bought it's ok as well'.

Tip: Add Chicken or Shrimb
Fresh Basil is also welcome! in this Recipe I use a combination of  East meets West I Really Hope that You enjoy It! tell me what you think.

by Mary Vargas

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