Monday, December 14, 2009

This Recipe is Inspired On My Mother The Puertorican Lady!

 This Diva in The Kitchen Not Only Cooks Half Store Bought but also knows how to mix certain ingredients,  combining veggies purees, a Real Comfort. This Recipe is for her! 

One to 2 per Serving

In This Case We are Using Jazmin Rice

1 cup Jazmin Rice 2 Cups of Water 1 teaspoon Olive Oil an Sea Salt,  The Rice can Be done in The microwave at Low Heat until water absorbed or in the Stove High heat once the water let sit Low heat for 15min until completely cooked.

2 Chicken Breast marinated an pounded  the Day before,  Vinegar and Lime Juice in the Island this is a costume to seasoned an Tenderize the meat with both'.

3.  Garlic Salt , Fried them on a Tablespoon of Canola Oil  in a Hot Griddle once The marks are on the Chicken Turn the Heat Low an Cover with lid  releasing it's natural juices finish cooking in it's own vapor. Take the Lid off again an let the juice caramelize.

Chicken should be Tender an completely White inside'.

Beans as follows

1 Can or Fresh Pink Beans canned an Rinsed, Sofrito very simple:
1/4 Cup Onions an Green Peppers
a Tablespoon of store bought Tomato Pasta Sauce
1 Cup of Chicken Stock
Cumin, Cilantro, Laurel Leaf if desired this should be just a pinch *
In Olive Oil Sauteed Sofrito add Liquids an the beans This should be like a soup consistence
once boiling add a teaspoon of pureed Potatoes.

If you like Spicy* Try adding some Cayenne Pepper or Red Pepper Flakes.

Tip: Try adding to the beans other purees Veggies like Pumpkin
instead of puree the potatoes cut them in peaces, or Add one teaspoon of  Box Mashed Potatoes..
Enjoy! y Buen Provecho!

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