Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What is Life Living after Cancer an How to cope"

Two  years ago I met with a Beautiful Women That was diagnosed with Breast Cancer an is now on Remission,  In a way  I would have never guessed it, There she was Like nothing ever happened!

I Ask her tell me, Really How do you managed?, She confessed that at that moment she was uncomfortable an she was taking more meds, because one of the implants broke, so she had to get it removed an get operated again.  But she was Smiling!, she told me  that she had to  be Positive an that she passed through that mental state of being  depressed, But She Accepted her condition,  When  I first heard that, I thought oh so she is denial?  But Not really, I understood that she didn't wanted to feel sorry for her self, instead she took things One day at a time, accepting her condition with what she could do to feel better.

I learned a Lot from that conversation! an I so Admire her courage, her Laugh is so contagious!, She is the Type of  People That  when she hugs you she means it!, an that makes me think more about others than my self. To love what I do for what it is, Not asking in return, but to aply the Golden Rule'.  She told me that she visit often the cancer center, an talked to people about her faith as well' an told me that God for her is a big part of her life.  That she has become a better person after the sickness, an more positive. But that she believes is all,  because she is helping her self to become more available to others  despite her condition an to see it with a calm mental state.

She also replies that worrying only makes matters worst!, so that, is not in her cup at the time, she knew that she was going to pass trough certain things that would have made her uncomfortable, but that when she went to her Quimo she accepted it like for what it was, The Cure'a process, not an what if?.  She is an Amazing Person!  and definitely One of my heroes!  

Until This day we Remain good friends an I am so Glad I found Such a Wonderful being!

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