Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Running Outside

Essentials to Run in the cold weather as well as hot weather and why?
Some might disagree and say well less is better! but when you are outside you might think other wise, luckily enough if you run trough the City you will have the opportunity to run more freely. but not sure If the people and the stop Signs Lights will make it enjoyable still we must do what we do to stay in shape and healthy!

So what to do if you are like me an leave in a place that 40 degrees is summer? to stay fit? Run Outside! I say! Always wearing the right Gear Protect your Skin with a good SPF in my case will be from Netrogena SPFcool mist sunblock and off you go! always wear a hat!, Weather 25,30 degrees, Nike has the best head bands.

Because you are running perspiration circulates mainly from the top of your head so it is wise to cover the ears in my case I don't need anything else. Vaseline is Essential for your feet, around your toes for blisters or you can use Aquaphor does the same job.

Sometimes We do encounter Danger and for that you should be at all cause prepared, Cellphone a knife and Pepper Spray uhmmm that's right!,it is as essential as water!. Specially If you Run by your self and there's no people around I carry this in a nice Fanny pack from company.

Since is the cold season I get water mix in with Electrolytes some come in packs so wish ever works for you the best. I hope this tips have being helpful to you an we will see each other on the roads we are strong an I salute you.

Thanks for Reading this!

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