Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Madeline Portrait

Ahh' the Life of the Painter, what moves us? What cause you have for Inspiration. If not our life and how our story evolve to be what we are today.
Looking for a great face in all the repertoire of faces, cuz I got many pictures no, not really! it happens that those of the past memory is the ones that impress Me more and how the person shifts in Life.

Madeline now is a Mother her Hair is not Red anymore but black, sure We haven't seeing each other for years!, but she will always be my friend.

The one that save me from passing Science in High School, telling me all the Answers to the Test. And the Test that determined that I pass the class wile she stayed behind in 11th grade. I am sure she is probably regretting that she helped me. Those years will never come back Madeline this Painting is for you.

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