Monday, January 4, 2010

Some Of The Artist ACEO Colection That I Have exchanged over the Years

I have had many Exchanges of ACEOS but one that Really made me think a lot as an Artist was the Exchange From Wetcanvas in 2007 I Remember  this beautiful letter that I glued to my wall' in my Studio, from a lady living in Australia to make the story short I was in tears, her sacrifice to paint an what she wanted to accomplish, made me think a lot about so many people that are doing the same thing like me, an How great is for us to have this Resources!, has a special place in my heart. I visited the site  for the first time 9 yrs ago!.

 I  grow in years and  my Art grew with me  I began from a little caterpillar to a Butterfly experimenting with more mediums. I'm very proud to present you with part of this exchange cards The 2007 ACEO Exchange I had the opportunity of sharing  with a Group of Fantastic people! this is why I keep doing what I do an loving every second of it!, The  Love for the Site specially for the artists is Immense an I Recommended to Anyone that is willing to learn!

 When you starting in your carrier the advice you get from a life chat room of Artist despite if they got a different way of doing things or not  is very helpful, you get the information you are looking for! That's impact! Mostly I liked  that despite the years of being painters as artist, their egos where tamed, no big words no complications very  patiently taking  time to explain things, what I have  learned from this individuals is of Great Value an what I have carry- on until this day!
This is  My blog  dedicated to some of this personalities and whom I'm proud of calling today My friends every time I see their works makes me very proud!.

  Some of  The ACEO'S from 2007 Exchange

an then some made by me sumi art 2007 because is handmade paper i  atached the sides with small boards to keep it safe,
there was two  versions of this card the other one was sent out!
My favorites Cards Made by Charlene!  and
 this one made by Ardith Goodwin
Not to mention this card had their bio's an beautiful words of encouragement if you are an artist this is a perfect way to interact with your fellow artist friends an to know each other in a more personal way.

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