Friday, January 8, 2010

Food is Not Your Enemy!

Sometimes, Or Say most of the time, Self control leaves, and  it leaves you with The Guilt! What I'm referring to? Is about Food!, and the way we should view it,  had this happened to you before? Do you feel the guilt?

  You should know that  you are not alone" many people stop dieting or get discourage easy because of this . They don't want to suffer The Guilt",  We can do better, we learn by our  mistakes!. As many times you fall, Lift your head up strong', pick up yourself  and keep going! Note: next time know your failures and  mark your  limits, viewing food in a  healthy way can help you achieve that.

 Use reason to conquer your feelings Ask your self, and be sincere'  why you are eating, and what? is it out of pleasure' or because you are hungry? make notes of what your eating and  the time , Eat a big Healthy Breakfast and Drink a lot of Water. Always make accessible Fruits and Veggies, this would also be first choice for your children. Their is nothing wrong with a cookie but having an apple as a first choice makes a big  difference,  Remember everything in moderation. You want to feel satisfied but don't overindulge know your limits.

  I hope this was helpful  Thanks

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