Tuesday, January 12, 2010

To be a Good Listener'

Who I'm I?

Think of me as your friend One that knows exactly how you feel'   I am going to introduce you  later to my story an why I feel it is important that you read this, specially if you are passing trough pain.
 I do Believe Your Higher Self Plays an Important Part in all ' But You Must do also your part'    Patience is Key towards Recovery, we all have it,  but as human we fail  and often forget.

Can a person just by listening  help, yes indeed  Can you experiences help others? Yes it can! There is going to be people aching and We the listeners will be here. Someone that listens relates to you holds your hands cries with you if they have to feels your pain. but most importantly that person also helps you  not with their opinions but by listening.

Let me Introduce You to My Story and what makes me a Qualified Listener'

The Year 2007 The Month January

I Remembered very well' and would never forget it!, I got a Phone Call, and there is  a  broken voice"

D. Hello, I am not coming home............ I am very sick'

I Got Cancer..................... silence...................................

 I don't know If I am going to make it 

After One month  he lost 50lb  skin was  pale he was  dying and very fast!,    there'  I could see a person 'a  resemblance of who he was' but this time' I saw death' and  I began to cry'. I ask then   What can I do to help?,  The Answer:  Listen!

This is only a fraction of My Story, but That  I believe That changed My Life For the Better' and charged me with all that I can to help others,  To see Life in a Positive' way  is not  always a simple task, but it's possible!',   ' Life is beautiful! Do you believe it?,  ' We must learn to Embrace it  an Love'

   My Story Turned out as a Happy Ending! D  is now 28 yrs old.

  There is Hope', I am here with You',  I would walk with you' I would not Let Go! Don't suffer by Your self  I am here' to help and Listen!.

Learning to Love back, Loving Life Laughing at the silliest things, contemplating The horizon A beautiful  Sunset , Or  just at the Park  People passing by' smiling back at you  there goes that old couple!'    Children running  free  you breathe again............. Life!  This are the joys of Life in it's simplest of forms'   What  makes You smile? tell me.....What makes you ache'? .....................

 Your Artist Friend
Mary by the way you are also a listener'

 If you or someone you know,  have being diagnosed with Cancer,  For More Info visit

http://www.cancersociety.org/  Patience and community  doctors affiliations organizations medicine all related information

http://healingartworks.org/  Art is a great part to heal for more information on how you can help
http://www.teamintraining.org/  Mentors Community Campaigns Related Leukemia and Cancer Society  and Lance Armstrong a cancer survivor that is doing all he can to help others with the disease

Would you Like to share your Story with me  feel free to contact


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  1. Thanks for the lovely story! I now know what changed you so suddenly and so much.
    God bless you!