Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My new theme of small cards

I love miniatures I'm enjoying my works so far I would explain why I did them' so you get an Idea on what is all about an the reason why, well, as I posted on yesterday about the ACEOS an Wetcanvas I kinda disregard the fun that I had doing them.

I made this little Cards After Picasso Started with the face first an end up with a sort of random shapes an things that are all connected but to me is sort' like a jigsaw just mind games.'Disregarding if he had a blue period ' or  not, as an artist I think  Picasso had a  sense of mysticism and feelings with Picasso It was he's Soul Him no one else'. He could have being making art to please others tho'.

Keeping with the Theme as it's not what it looks like, I made this girl sitting on sand with a view to A Rainbow where from a green cloud a tong sticks out licking what is suppose to be Ice cream.  an on the bottom part there is a Shark coming towards the boat that is actually her breasts. Go Figure!

This one is Titled Code

The Three Orian  Is spelled wrong  purposely to!

It looks so Old masters like, I decided to keep it

The New Jersey Shore

I am in hopes that you are enjoying my blog an continually getting to know a bit about me.

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