Friday, January 8, 2010

I To Have Battle The Gators!

I think is so important for all artist to respect each other, Our creativity is something unique no matter what we do!, It defines you as a person, is your voice is you.

Some have forgotten what was to be in the beginning of their carriers How difficult it was! How it feels when you starting an you have to go to Art Galleries an have that people look at your work, and say is Shit!

Don't forget about your Artist Friends, those whom are also doing the same, your Ego is nothing! There is always someone that is going to be better than you!

That is Always the Rule, Think deep on why you are in to this profession, if you are Changing Evolving people with your art, what do you want to achieve with your Art, know who you are and your motives, Because if you are doing your Art mainly for the money!, I feel sorry for you!

Lesson learned, that the last will be first! an true Artist are those whom worry about others that loves what they do no matter what the outcome' those whom teach of what is learned. oh" I have learn my ways to not even try such things, an hope that I remain this way'.


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