Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Best Way To Release Stress

How often you feel stressed?

Well I Have an simple Exercise That can help you find your Mojo back! with out lifting a finger!

Breathing is incorporated in many  exercises but knowing how to breath it is Far Most Important!  I am Sure' it does works!  So Get Up! and Do it with me!, First Drink a Tall  Glass of  Water!

Lets Begin!

  In the beguining because some of us are not used to breath so  deep, will feel dissy an is perfectly normal it means is working!  Once you know that you are inhaling  the right way,  close your eyes and find a confortable position for you, If is a quiet spot around you, the better!,  count back from 60 to 1 and breath opening your mouth half way to the point that you can hear your self  exhaling.

Let all the Air Out of your Lungs Go and Inhale Again!

Do This until Relaxed! Let go of your thoughts.

 Let the worries go!

let the world go!

count Again 1 to 60 slowly Open your eyes!

Surprised it only took you  Two minutes!  smile and go drink more water! and Resume what you where doing.

Do this during the Day whenever you think is good for you.  Something so simple as breathing replenish your body and nerve system burns calories also helps improves concentration.

Make sure that you feel your diaphragm working. The diaphragm is located below the lungs. To make sure you are doing it right, go on the floor an place a book  between your chest and belly  try to inhale as much Air as possible lifting the books up with it.

Thanks be Safe be Well' Positive Unique' Love Your Self First and the rest will come.

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