Sunday, January 3, 2010

What is Life with Out Hope?

Well there's some people that go on seeking for ever' what is hope? is it real? is this something attainable? It is very true this world is Crazy, Depressed, Out of Love, Without Having Natural Feeling of what is right what is wrong, The united nations Have tried all resources an they always end up with the biggest shameless fights!

But if I come here an  sit down talking about how difficult life is, an how hard it has being will I be helping you? in any way?, will this bring you a smile?? I was thinking about a fact that was linking Youtubevideos to  cute cats videos, but in reality is because others don't want to hear about your problems people!!!! They want to know about Nature about Positive Things about Love about cute little kittens. People are tired, of listening in the news an in the Radio, we know there's a need of change but is for sure not by man. na ah"  Man has created their own problems.

So I'm promising my self and I know this might sound some what naive, but to do this blog as positive as possible to bring some kind of comfort to those whom are passing trough troubles so they can laugh an see that not all Artist are depressed an taking Sanax,  that not all women are selfish and self centered that there could be a beautiful sense' of Calm an Relaxed feeling in Life, with out being to overwhelmed wile reading some ones blog'

Where you can forget about problems, to get to know a person that even tho not perfect an does not think that all is wonderful or try to cover the truth with unreality' but that understands that there's no use to bombard others with what is going on, that will leave it to the Psiquiatric that to me in my opinion need help as well' so in this self medicated unstable sometimes frenetic world we can still sit down look up an say there's a purpose for me being here, an I would not rest until find it, That life is a beautiful thing even when you are down,  that some one is listening an writing for you to feel better about your self an to remind your self that you are unique an Special!.

I am not naive no, I am very clear of what is going on but I refuse to bring it to your table wile you sipping your tea or coffee wile you already dealing with problems on your own. I want to be the one also carrying with you the load not the one loading you down.  I might not get as many readers or people interested in my blog but, that is how it goes.  I Refuse to talk about things that don't help you in any way' possible for you to feel acquaintance or nod your head',  so until next time I hope that you keep enjoying my blog and live Life with a purpose help some one  talk to your neighbor keep your self sane' in this crazy world that I do know is not easy' but  is worth all try's as possible.  Like the song there's no time to complicate because time is to short'.

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