Monday, January 4, 2010

Striving After wind'

What is being a  Human with out love towards others?. Where do you go with all that is learned, if you don't share it! The world needs more givers an less people with an attitude I want it all" in my plate! 

Unfortunately  the Sense" of  being content with what you got, vanishes very fast, but once you reach a certain point in life Perhaps makes you think, Is this really what I want? when One solely as a person concentrates in monetary things" Important things gets lost. Life is not like you always planned, unless well' you got a Magic Wand, hidden somewhere" an reality could be cruel' for people with certain expectations in life.

Wanting More!  becomes a mad cycle, then stress comes, depression arrives, that pleasure of being  Calm an Look Up at the Sky an breathe, or even to see the flowers in the field  is no longer fun'.   When people forget to stop an care' an  the benefit of giving with out asking in return,  Love gets lost. That's why  do what you do with your Soul and Heart If you earn  welcome it with open Arms, you earn it! but concentrate rather in the things that can have a Lasting Value in your Life.

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